The Issue

The APCA is pushing for historic designation of Ansley Park without properly informing residents of everything it would entail.

The APCA has presented this move as if it is the only way to save and protect our neighborhood from insensitive and fraudulent developers and rezoning attempts of the city that could erode our borders. They have not acknowledged or conveyed the negative impacts of Historic Designation nor have they acknowledged other ways to preserve what makes our neighborhood great.

Advocates for Ansley Park

Advocates for Ansley Park seeks to properly inform and allow all of our neighbors to have a place at the table for this discussion. We want this vote to be decided as a community, rather than a small subset of homeowners who have not been fully transparent about how this would affect other homeowners.

What You Can Do

Homeowners have the ability to block this change from passing. So far the APCA has indicated to the City of Atlanta that residents of Ansley Park are supporting this change.

The most important thing you can do is to make your voice heard by emailing our City Council member Alex Wan. Ultimately, the City Council will vote on whether or not to accept Historical District designation for Ansley Park.

Alex Wan

Contact City Council Member Alex Wan

Send a message to Alex Wan to ensure Atlanta hears the voices of our community. He has only heard from the APCA as of now, and needs to know there is opposition in Ansley Park.

Contact APCA & Ansley Park Forever

The APCA has been pushing for these changes based on a few voices in the community. Send a message to the APCA to express your desire to explore other options as a community.

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