Ansley Park Forever is misinforming residents

Ansley Park Forever, the committee formed to explore Historic Designation for Ansley Park, claims to be interested in giving Ansley Park residents the ability to come together for a conversation about the future of the neighborhood. But this is not how the committee has gone about the process. They claim that via numerous Zoom meetings they have engaged the neighborhood, but in those meetings, information flowed only one way and dissenting opinions were largely dismissed. Ansley Park Forever distributed a “Nomination Petition,” asking for signatures to show interest in Historic Designation. Using vague language and without properly educating signees what this entails, Ansley Park Forever began moving forward with this process. Since wider awareness has spread across the neighborhood, many of these signees have withdrawn their support, and the neighborhood needs to have a real communal conversation about this process.

Instead of pursuing shared interests and developing common goals and values, Ansley Park Forever has immediately pursued legislative and coercive means to push for Historic Designation without proper education or consent from the neighborhood.