Did you know the Historic District designation the APCA Board has supported will alter and reduce your property rights?

Neither did many of our neighbors. We’re a group of concerned Ansley Park residents who oppose APCA’s push for historic district designation of our neighborhood.

Without adequate neighborhood input, understanding, or a vote, the APCA Board was prepared to decide on behalf of every neighbor to initiate a process that would lock all property owners into new zoning controls under the seemingly harmless designation “Historic District.” Historic District designation would limit your freedom to make changes or renovations to your property and would hand much of that control over to city bureaucrats.

Our Goals

Inform our neighbors of exactly what a historic designation entails

Involve more of our neighbors in important decisions

Ensure our neighborhood is taken care of while also maintaining reasonable freedoms for homeowners

Ansley Park is much more than 120 properties

For more than a year, the APCA Board has sponsored a small volunteer group called Ansley Park Forever (APF). The goal of both APCA and APF has been to gain Historic District designation for Ansley Park. Once the neighborhood submits the nomination to the city, restrictions (outlined in the Draft Interim Controls) are almost immediately placed on all residents.

The APCA Board (fewer than twenty people) decided that they should initiate this process on behalf of the neighborhood. They claimed support based on about 120 signatures on a petition. for a draft ordinance the “supporters” had not seen. However, the petition was circulated before the Draft Interim Controls were posted, so none of the signatories knew precisely what they were supporting. The Interim Controls were posted publicly less than two weeks before the Board was set to approve the nomination, allowing only days for a neighborhood response.

A concerted effort brought wider attention to the issue only days before the Board was set to vote, and those of us who asked for more time to consider the impact of increased zoning restrictions were heard. This group applauds the Board’s decision to pause, but thirty days is not long enough. We need to take as much time as necessary to work through the issues and explore solutions to problems facing the neighborhood. The Board has also pledged neutrality from here on out; we appreciate this and mean to hold them to it.

19% of households is not enough to change all of our property rights.

120 property owners and 20 Board members should not decide what is best for the 638 property owners in Ansley Park. Especially since many of these “supporters” never saw the ordinance to begin with.

What Historic Designation Really Means

Historic designation requires homeowners to seek approval from the city to make property changes. Design and style choices for your home will no longer be up to you. City staff and an unelected body called the Urban Design Commission will have ultimate design authority over your property.

Approval from the City

You will need to gain approval from the city to make simple design or style choices to your home.

Legal Battles

Your renovations can be challenged by neighbors in court, even if the city approved them.

Unequal Restrictions

Aesthetic freedoms are different for each property, forcing unequal restrictions on homeowners.

Breaking the Rules Means
your neighbors can sue you.

Join our movement and let’s tell APCA “No!”

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